Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That which does not kill you...

As any wise person will tell you, life if truly in how you perceive it, what your attitude is toward it, and how you ultimately choose to live it. I've worked for some great bosses before, I've also worked for some horrible ones. Sometimes a great boss is all in how you look at him/her.

There are some great bosses that are encouraging, polite and who dispense accolades freely, then there are the ones who give their absolute best and will take nothing less from their employees no matter what extracurricular activities life is throwing at them. Now, the latter are obviously the harder ones to work for, but depending on how you look at life, you can see these extremely demanding employers as "slave drivers" and "unreasonable" or, if you can recognize their genius and their drive (assuming that they possess those traits), you can view these demanding bosses as "challenging" and "inspirational" as you choose to find ways to improve your "best".

They may come across as slave driving, impolite and totally unreasonable, but in the end you've forced yourself to rewrite your personal definition of what your best is, by stepping up your good game to a great one, then that person that you might have stressed out over working for might one day become a boss that looks on you as someone with drive, genius or possibly even deserving of the respect they reserve for a select few.

Life is always how you look at it.